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Sunday, April 20, 2008



Ah, Beeg, I am so very sorry. I have four siblings, and as my years go by they are all more and more dear to me, each one for different reasons. I know when that first parting comes that it will hurt like hell. Mr Woodstock and I send all our sympathy to you, your sister, and all others who knew and loved Charlie.

B.G. Ritts

Thank you, Woodstock, Yes, it does hurt like hell. He was always helpful whenever anyone -- family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances -- needed it. My sister and I never had to do anything more than ask Charlie how to do something. If he didn't know, he'd figure it out for us.

As a lifelong friend of his wrote: "... He was so kind and gentle a man ... My family ... benefited personally from his largesse for decades ... a man of immense intellectual gifts. His range of knowledge was vast, detailed, comprehensive and dazzling. His love of learning defined him in many ways..."


That so sad, Beeg. Have a big hug from me and deliver one to your sister as well.


you know that I am there in spirit and that I am sending you tons of virtual hugs...hold the memories dear and smile through the tears.

Kate Buker

Oh, Beeg, I'm sorry. That's hard. I'm glad you had such a great brother, but sorry he got such a bad deal.


Sue D.

I'm so sorry, Beeg. How hard this must have been for you. It is so sad when the good people leave us.
Sue D.

B.G. Ritts

Thank you all. It truly is a warm, welcome feeling to know I have caring friends around the world.

Annie C

Oh, Beeg, I'm so very sorry to read today of the loss of your dear brother and to be late in extending my condolences to you and to your family. Thinking of you at this sad time...

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